I knew that placing my child for adoption was the right decision for me. It was a time in my life that I was not prepared emotionally or financially to take care of a child. I was alone in the hospital after giving birth with no friends or family around to comfort me. When I met my case worker Laurie, not only did she fully and clearly explain the adoption process to me, but was such a comfort and shoulder to lean on when I was facing this alone. I could tell that she genuinely cared about how I was doing and never pressured me to choose adoption, but instead gave me information and explanations of all avenues, allowing me to make a clear headed decision. What sets her apart from many is that she is not just there to "do her job", but clearly cares about the well being of the birth mother and child. I am forever grateful for her help, kindness, and friendship when I needed it most.
Birth Mother—Kathyrn

Over 10 years ago,Laurie came to my families rescue like a guardian angel. She facilitated my babies' adoption with a loving, wonderful family- and was always available for any support I needed with kind and encouraging words, and honest heartfelt compassion. During the last decade, she has continued to keep in touch and I am indebted to her for the updates and pictures about the children that I receive yearly. Laurie has always been rock stable, genuine and sympathetic, and the care she shows in helping clients warms my heart towards her. It takes a very special person to do the kind of work she does. I will always be grateful to her for being there with her heart and arms open.
Birth Mother—Megan

Thanks in large part to the amazing efforts of Laurie , we have two lovely people in our home that we are blessed to call our children. Adoption can be emotionally challenging at times. Laurie made it so much easier for us and was there to answer all our questions and concerns. She was professional and organized. She genuinely seems to love her work and that carries over into her pleasant demeanor and occasional hand holding that is required. Our first adoption was almost 8 years ago and Laurie has continued to take a sincere interest in our children. When we look at the pictures of the day Laurie ("the stork") placed those beautiful babies into our arms and lives, it is hard not to feel a swell of emotion and gratitude for her role in the creation of our family.
Adoptive Parents—Karen & Joe

Laurie was so wonderful during the placement of our daughter. She was in constant communication with us during the week we waited to meet our baby. She sent us updated pictures almost daily! She checked on our baby daily when she was with the foster family and continually eased our fears. She absolutely loves what she does and her self-fulfillment radiates through her eyes and genuine smile. She cried with us when she put our beautiful baby in my arms. She is an important part of our daughter's birth story. We will always remember how special Laurie made our experience and are forever grateful to her for the love, care, and genuine compassion she showed us last year.
Adoptive Mother—Jean

Every experience that we have personally seen with Laurie and a Biological or Adoptive parent has been positive and touching. She has always worked professionally but also personally for these families.
Starter Mom~ Denise